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Obtaining a whiter smile is a common cosmetic dental desire from our patients. To help our patients achieve this goal, Steven C. Kindy, DDS, Inc. provides composite bonding and teeth whitening services for the people of Visalia, Tulare, and Exeter.

Composite Bonding

Composite bonding is a process by which your teeth have their color restored and their shape improved. The porcelain veneers our Visalia dentist provides are better at resisting staining and bearing the stress of chewing, but composite bonding is less invasive because it does not require preparatory work, and it is less expensive because veneers have to be specially fabricated at a dental laboratory.

Our Visalia dentist performs bonding by applying a composite resin – the same material used in our dental fillings – to your teeth. This white material mimics the color of naturally healthy teeth, which makes bonding a potential solution for brightening teeth that suffer from intrinsic staining; stains originating from within the teeth, often caused by trauma or certain antibiotics, cannot be treated by teeth whitening products. Additionally, composite bonding can reshape teeth. If you have gaps in your smile that you would like to cover up, applying the composite resin in thicker layers reshapes the tooth to fill these gaps. Dr. Kindy uses the same principle to fill in any chips a tooth may have or to lengthen a tooth that is too short for an even smile. The end result of composite bonding is a whitened, uniform smile to help you meet your esthetic dental needs.

Teeth Whitening

Dr. Kindy also uses various teeth whitening products to treat teeth that have been stained by extrinsic factors. Stains originating from the outside of the tooth are usually caused by smoking, eating dark pigmented foods, or drinking staining liquids like coffee, tea, cola, and red wine. Teeth whitening products are able to lift these stains off of the teeth, returning your smile’s appearance to a brighter, more cosmetic shade.

Our Visalia dentist uses the Sinsational Smile® and Opalescence® teeth whitening products to help bleach your teeth; each product can be provided in office or as a take-home treatment. Sinsational Smile® uses both an accelerating light to speed up the treatment process and a silicone teeth tray to keep you comfortable as the whitening gel is applied. The formula in Opalescence® products have a significant amount of water and fluoride, which help prevent your teeth from dehydrating and help protect your enamel from sensitivity, respectively.

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It is best to talk to Dr. Kindy regarding composite bonding and teeth whitening if you are not sure which service is best for you. Call the office of Steven C. Kindy, DDS, Inc. for help in meeting your esthetic dentistry needs. Our office helps Visalia, Tulare, and Exeter achieve brighter, whiter smiles.

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